API and Data Access

The API served here requires no API key. All data will be served via JSON. The url is https://ubcgrades.com/api

Quick Definitions

Key Description Examples
yearsession A 5-character string whose first 4 characters is a year and last character is either W for winter or S for summer. 2018W, 2012S
subject A 2-4 character string that represents a subject code. BA, KIN, APSC
course A 3-4 character string whose first three characters is a three-digit number. The optional fourth character is a detail modifier. 001, 200, 230A, 342C
section A 3-character string that represents a section in a course. This can be a lecture, tutorial, lab, etc. 001, 100, GIS, T1A

Retrieve Grade Distributions

Endpoint (Required parameters are bolded) Description Example (Click for response) Error Response
/grades/yearsession/subject/course/section Retreives a grade distribution report for a single section https://ubcgrades.com/api/grades/2018W/MATH/100/101 {}
/grades/yearsession/subject/course Retreives a grade distribution report for a course https://ubcgrades.com/api/grades/2018W/MATH/100 {}
/grades/yearsession/subject Retreives a grade distribution report for a subject https://ubcgrades.com/api/grades/2018W/POLI {}
/grades/yearsession Retreives a grade distribution report for yearsession https://ubcgrades.com/api/grades/2017S {}
/grades/yearsession/subject/course/section Retreives a grade distribution report for a single section https://ubcgrades.com/api/grades/2018W/MATH/100/101 {}

Filter Data

Endpoint (Required parameters are bolded) Description Example (Click for response) Error Response
/sections/yearsession/subject/course Retreives all the section numbers under a particular course https://ubcgrades.com/api/sections/2018W/BIOL/200 []
/courses/yearsession/subject Retreives all the course labels under a particular subject and yearsession https://ubcgrades.com/api/courses/2018W/POLI []
/courses/subject Retrieves all the distinct course labels under a particular subject https://ubcgrades.com/api/courses/ELEC []
/subjects/yearsession Retreives all distinct subjects under a particular yearsession https://ubcgrades.com/api/subjects/2016W []
/subjects Retreives all distinct subjects across all yearsessions (no parameters) https://ubcgrades.com/api/subjects N/A
/yearsessions Retreives all available yearsessions (no parameters) https://ubcgrades.com/api/yearsessions N/A

Course Profile Data

Endpoints (Required parameters are bolded) Description Examples (Click for response) Error Response
Retreives general data regarding course averages, pass percentage, etc. https://ubcgrades.com/api/course-profile/ENGL
Retreives historical course distributions https://ubcgrades.com/api/course-profile/distributions/SCIE
Retreives who and when instructors taught a course by yearsession https://ubcgrades.com/api/course-profile/instructors/LING
Retrieves the number of grade-distribution-existing sections by yearsession https://ubcgrades.com/api/course-profile/offerings/KIN

Download Data

Here you can download raw data as one might obtain directly from PAIR. The contained CSVs are unmodified and contains some errors or inconsistencies:

  • Certain rows are duplicated by everything except for the Professor column. Most of the time there one field will be empty and the other will be populated. In a few cases, all Professor columns will be non-empty and contain different entries. My solution to this was manually looking up the section info from PAIR and adjusting the section as necessary. You can download the correction JSON file here: UBC
    • An exeption to this is UBC-2007W-DENT-420-PSI whose row is simply duplicated with no changes.
  • OVERALL sections are generated on the basis of the course code for the year, rather than per-section. As such there will be numerous OVERALL rows if a course has a detail field.
  • The CSV data may conflict with the section data shown on PAIR.

Note: As of June 2019, the 2018W grades for UBC and UBCO still await further results from extraneous reasons such as standing deferred and cancelled exams. The data here will be updated mid-September 2019.

UBC Vancouver

File name and download File Size SHA-1 Checksum Last Update
UBC.zip 10.4 MiB 8e1de4d468072e4e235cc8521d56a603ff4e540b June 2019
UBC-2018W.zip 427.0 KiB d121d2e4c8448217c6bb69c921b11881b5c5dd2e June 2019
UBC-2018S.zip 110.9 KiB 925c2c2a403db844d7e058c336b17f09432ecc56 June 2019
UBC-2017W.zip 425.9 KiB 942dac25c426446016a6f7834130025af3c13867 June 2019
UBC-2017S.zip 109.9 KiB dc5c5387041f72532a65d40c769a1570942facbb June 2019
UBC-2016W.zip 422.5 KiB c22f6132faa905463b481a891351d0f47bc726c3 June 2019
UBC-2016S.zip 107.9 KiB f630694782418b9b6dd6398f3d9352209b4654ec June 2019
UBC-2015W.zip 418.5 KiB 3e9c83c4d47855f82240e17fe4338fdfdff268d2 June 2019
UBC-2015S.zip 104.0 KiB e73af11bdcba81866c3a84df65c19aef31e1b587 June 2019
UBC-2014W.zip 405.1 KiB 994c242d6404c24abb5390fe473f8331f0d03e20 June 2019
UBC-2014S.zip 102.2 KiB ff9f833b69b86e244522723dc35074925e9709db June 2019
UBC-2013W.zip 401.5 KiB 0b4fd5752cbb9fbddd5c0f2401fa63fec83e3524 June 2019
UBC-2013S.zip 105.9 KiB b10ca7bd3e6da42a11e8ff5ed0b1edd83f7f4775 June 2019
UBC-2012W.zip 398.5 KiB f876c9dd5816561f7d99a0e4bce3d893dba43185 June 2019
UBC-2012S.zip 104.3 KiB 8e7190eb7a138df44fecf880209602d622278ea8 June 2019
UBC-2011W.zip 399.6 KiB 94402d1d0c38b171deda87a2e6e2c283bb317f50 June 2019
UBC-2011S.zip 104.9 KiB b67c93d519395024fddf65f5ec91d1519ace3c8f June 2019
UBC-2010W.zip 397.6 KiB 42ef847c7b2343c9ebcfa84a3ac6f82f665035e2 June 2019
UBC-2010S.zip 106.5 KiB a28b0ddd21f605864a9ca19c972101c2c2d7ee61 June 2019
UBC-2009W.zip 399.1 KiB ce8f48a42ec6a844433f4540ebe8fddea51b0d99 June 2019
UBC-2009S.zip 108.4 KiB 475a4ee5b974c3a617cdcdca73258469126ccc85 June 2019
UBC-2008W.zip 339.4 KiB 2b8d89b268e877d7009c340ef7a5321eb76fb97f June 2019
UBC-2008S.zip 95.6 KiB 0af5eba4a85dd68b29ab86aef4c4d1170c2ba7d8 June 2019
UBC-2007W.zip 381.4 KiB fa2462e23e6fda8915acad4a5435f9e6e09cce67 June 2019
UBC-2007S.zip 92.7 KiB 397c51d4395e1ad747e1b07e97bacf971800bfb0 June 2019
UBC-2006W.zip 383.0 KiB 6954a5a219a931edfa1f8b47028b7729eaa31a73 June 2019
UBC-2006S.zip 95.8 KiB 9c99ac12301ec955f9ea320617058ca25b23b079 June 2019
UBC-2005W.zip 380.5 KiB b0ee644e8ed3bc287394b5eb901b4c7c305dce58 June 2019
UBC-2005S.zip 91.9 KiB 4adbead36e0c8da477cb595738e0e27bfe7732a5 June 2019
UBC-2004W.zip 328.2 KiB 1332920653270def32d9297e0990e63d783d58c3 June 2019
UBC-2004S.zip 89.8 KiB 18093fb591214eb555c2acc94725a2dc854ad1dc June 2019
UBC-2003W.zip 366.5 KiB 58a6cb97ca7dc55ea6a5e83ed3d3d7f7020e39c1 June 2019
UBC-2003S.zip 87.8 KiB a9e8ad0f4c72e39d2ac9cfa86891403bcc5647aa June 2019
UBC-2002W.zip 353.5 KiB 43aa0ebc4c89a111de584227433b0edb5c984d32 June 2019
UBC-2002S.zip 91.4 KiB ecf94c9a97965dfa88f53d5b6334ba778d0afb41 June 2019
UBC-2001W.zip 296.7 KiB 7962265fb7a1c0ee3f86922cbf8109d867743933 June 2019
UBC-2001S.zip 87.2 KiB f9787ce7dfa5afd5084a92700bf492c2b495aa5e June 2019
UBC-2000W.zip 290.0 KiB b199469f66a162c1e3921862481b6f2a7b6e8204 June 2019
UBC-2000S.zip 86.5 KiB f31de906d3f2ad51be6717c8563f991f2ef9047d June 2019
UBC-1999W.zip 288.9 KiB a9b6ad7e77625eb93def2d6393c11ddb613df2c1 June 2019
UBC-1999S.zip 88.1 KiB 68972b0c7763b47cb53a533f1330fc1f6b634a8a June 2019
UBC-1998W.zip 293.1 KiB 7af2ebe142137c63a7fd900f22d8d6908446510d June 2019
UBC-1998S.zip 83.9 KiB 3ddebe579fd53b6708bec5d4f25c1838877f98af June 2019
UBC-1997W.zip 290.2 KiB e67bba41719116075cb5bdc047e5e9000d07bdf6 June 2019
UBC-1997S.zip 83.3 KiB d27dda09b2bbf584428f46d6429c48fcb69e8ec5 June 2019
UBC-1996W.zip 288.4 KiB 2de7115c8c695e361947a2a5c316a726fef22af7 June 2019
UBC-1996S.zip 82.7 KiB 1b9a0a02afbed79acbc07ac9a7545de07c709a2a June 2019